Fresh Baked Chocolate Cookies Stuffed With All Natural Ultra Premium New Orleans Ice Cream, Hand Dipped in Rich, Indulgent Milk Chocolate. Available in Vanilla Bean and Creole Cream Cheese flavors.





Everyone talks about King Cakes this time of year, but have you thought about our other favorite Mardi Gras treat?!

Our Mardi Gras Pie ice cream is filled with chocolate flakes, soft graham crackers and marshmallow swirl 🤤

Who’s having some tonight?! #neworleansicecream

Celebrate Mardi Gras with rich cinnamon ice cream with a creole cream cheese flavored swirl, packed full of King Cake pieces 🤤

King cakes are soooo 2021 - King Cake Ice Cream is what the cool kids are eating this year, right?! #neworleansicecream

Are you still in Christmas mode or are you in full Mardi Gras mode now?! 👀

Either way, we know exactly what you need for dessert tonight 🤪 #neworleansicecream

Moving from one season to the next 😋

Have a Happy New Year, everyone!

Let’s celebrate by eating an entire pint of Mardi Gras Pie - who’s with us?! #neworleansicecream

Up close and personal with one of our favorites 👀

New Year’s resolutions are just marketing ploys for health brands - don’t fall for the trap and indulge in some ice cream instead 😉 #neworleansicecream

🎵 Santa baby, fill our stocking with New Orleans Ice Cream… that’s all we need 😋

Merry Christmas, everyone!

However you celebrate, we hope you have a day filled with everything and everyone you love ✨

Give the gift that melts their heart… or just one that melts 🤪 #neworleansicecream ...

*Quality ice cream has entered the chat* 😋 #neworleansicecream ...

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like the Big Book of King Cakes and a pint or two of our King Cake Ice Cream 😋

Anyone else love supporting local this time of year?! #neworleansicecream

Already ate half the pint for breakfast and we have no regrets 👀

Now tell us - are you more excited for King Cake Ice Cream or Mardi Gras Pie this season?! #neworleansicecream

In the south, you need a scarf for the morning and sunglasses by the afternoon 🤪

Where are you located and what is the temperature?!

Either way, it’s never too cold for Bride’s Cake Ice Cream 😋 #neworleansicecream

Getting into the Christmas spirit with Mint Chocolate Cookie 🤤

Anyone else plan on leaving a pint of this under the tree for Santa?! #neworleansicecream

Does this photo hypnotize you?!

Fall in love with blueberry coulis, swirled through our delicious farmer’s delicacy Creole Cream Cheese 🤤

Where are you running to get your pint?! #neworleansicecream

This is what your freezer should look like on Small Business Saturday 👀

Run over to your local grocery store and show some love to your favorite ice cream 😋

How many pints will you consume this holiday season?! #neworleansicecream

When your family’s pie doesn’t cut it, top it with our Sweet Potato Pie Ice Cream and you’ll thank us later 🤪

Happy Thanksgiving- we hope this year has been good to you and your day is filled with happiness ✨ #neworleansicecream

Sweet potato pie ice cream > sweet potato pie 😋

No need to bake this year for Thanksgiving when you can head to your local grocery and grab a few pints of this 😋 #neworleansicecream

The holidays are for indulging in sweets, right?!

Our Cookies and Cream ice cream is even better if eaten right after a full Thanksgiving dinner 😉 #neworleansicecream

If you’re craving a holiday treat and looking for a way to give back during the holidays, click on the link in our bio and bid on our ice cream care package for @americancancersociety ✨

Thank you @shuckcancernola for including us in this amazing auction ♥️ #neworleansicecream

*Brings 20 pints of Cream Cheese and Blueberry ice cream to Thanksgiving dinner… 👀 #neworleansicecream ...

It’s a treat yourself kind of weekend 😋

Anyone else up for Po’boys at @parkwaypoorboys and a sweet treat afterward?! #neworleansicecream

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