Fresh Baked Chocolate Cookies Stuffed With All Natural Ultra Premium New Orleans Ice Cream, Hand Dipped in Rich, Indulgent Milk Chocolate. Available in Vanilla Bean and Creole Cream Cheese flavors.





It’s Friday - you deserve a cookie 😋

Even better - you deserve a pint of our Mint Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream 🤤

Chunks of mint chocolate cookie and chocolate flakes crackle through this delicious, mouthwatering flavor!

Get your hands on it, and cool off from those rising temperatures 😍 #neworleansicecream

Friday to do list: eat ice cream 🍦 👀

That’s it. Nothing else.

Anyone else’s plans look similar?! 😅#neworleansicecream

“If you’re ever in New Orleans and just want some ice cream with classic New Orleans flavors just head to your local @rousesmarkets! We stumbled upon @neworleansicecream and it was SO GOOD! The choices of flavors were so fun from King Cake, Pralines & Cream, Cafe Au Lait & Beginets, Chicory Coffee, Banana Foster and more! If only I could pack up all the flavors to take home, I would! We just finished scarfing these two in our hotel room as we are leaving soon. Next time we’ll try more flavors! 😍❤️” — 📷: @kiligforfood

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves 🙌🏻 #neworleansicecream

FriYAY!! Anyone else feel like they could eat an entire pint of our decadent Praline Crunch ice cream in less than 5 minutes?! 👀

Don’t worry, we won’t judge you 😉

Tell us where you’re buying your pint from below 🙌🏻 #neworleansicecream

We hope you have a great Memorial Day today ✨

As you are all celebrating the unofficial beginning of Summer, please take a moment to honor those who cannot.

Without your courage, we would not be where we are today 💙 #neworleansicecream

We’ve already had one pint of ice cream today so this is our secon-dairy 🤪

Seriously though, if you’re planning on heading to @winndixie this morning, you may want to consider grabbing TWO pints of our Sweet Potato Pie Ice Cream - trust us, you’ll need more than one 😋 #neworleansicecream

You know what’s sweeter than pie?!

Our NEW Sweet Potato Pie flavor - Sweet potatoes blended with our rich ice cream and French pastry crust, then rounded decadent marshmallow sounds like the perfect summer treat, right?!

Grab a pint at your local @breauxmart, @central_market, @rousesmarkets or @winndixie today - we see you drooling 🤤 #neworleansicecream

A classic New Orleans dessert, filled with real banana pieces and a rich caramel ice cream is what dreams are made of 🤤

The question is - does this count as a “serving of fruit”? 👀

Either way, we think it’s time for a trip to @rousesmarkets 😋

Wouldn’t you agree?! #neworleansicecream

Who needs coffee when you have coffee ice cream?!

Step into the weekend the right way, and get yourself a pint of the good stuff from @central_market ✨

Tag your best friend - if they don’t see it in 25 minutes, they owe you a pint 🤪 #neworleansicecream

Monday starter kit 👀

Do you eat your ice cream in a bowl or straight from the pint?! Either way, we won’t judge 😉

Available at your local @winndixie ✨

What flavor are you reaching for first?! 😋 #neworleansicecream

It’s what’s on the inside that counts 💙

It is getting hotter and hotter - the only logical thing to do is open up a nice cold pint of our Creole Cream Cheese and Blueberry ice cream 🤤

How long does it take you to finish off a pint?!

Available at your local @winndixie ✨ #neworleansicecream

Wanna spoooooon?? 🤪

Our mouthwatering Bride’s Cake flavor is filled with white cake pieces and an amaretto swirl 🤤

Have you tried it yet?! #neworleansicecream

Let’s play a little game called ‘Guess That Flavor’ 👀

We’ll give you a hint - this is a delicious almond ice cream with white cake pieces and an amaretto cream cheese icing swirl ✨

Head to your local @winndixie and grab a pint 😋 #neworleansicecream

It’s getting hot out here - better run to @winndixie, @rousesmarkets and @central_market and stock up on the good stuff 🥵 🍦

Tell us below where you are located, the temperature and what flavor you’re going to cool off with ✨ #neworleansicecream

“No dinner for me tonight, it’s all dessert. The Praline Crunch Ice Cream made by New Orleans Ice Cream Co. is amazing! The caramel pecans make it over the top delicious!” — 📷: @exploring_nola ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #neworleansicecream ...

Adulting = eating an entire pint of ice cream for lunch and no one can stop you 🤪

Can you guess what flavor we are eating?! 👀 #neworleansicecream

We are strong believers in having ice cream for breakfast 👀

Our Praline Crunch is a New Orleans favorite, filled with crunchy whole caramel pecans 🤤

Raise your hand if you feel like you could shamelessly eat an entire pint this morning 🙋🏼#neworleansicecream

Winn Dixie
Central Market