Fresh Baked Chocolate Cookies Stuffed With All Natural Ultra Premium New Orleans Ice Cream, Hand Dipped in Rich, Indulgent Milk Chocolate. Available in Vanilla Bean and Creole Cream Cheese flavors.





It’s what’s on the inside that counts 💙

It is getting hotter and hotter - the only logical thing to do is open up a nice cold pint of our Creole Cream Cheese and Blueberry ice cream 🤤

How long does it take you to finish off a pint?!

Available at your local @winndixie ✨ #neworleansicecream

Wanna spoooooon?? 🤪

Our mouthwatering Bride’s Cake flavor is filled with white cake pieces and an amaretto swirl 🤤

Have you tried it yet?! #neworleansicecream

Let’s play a little game called ‘Guess That Flavor’ 👀

We’ll give you a hint - this is a delicious almond ice cream with white cake pieces and an amaretto cream cheese icing swirl ✨

Head to your local @winndixie and grab a pint 😋 #neworleansicecream

It’s getting hot out here - better run to @winndixie, @rousesmarkets and @central_market and stock up on the good stuff 🥵 🍦

Tell us below where you are located, the temperature and what flavor you’re going to cool off with ✨ #neworleansicecream

“No dinner for me tonight, it’s all dessert. The Praline Crunch Ice Cream made by New Orleans Ice Cream Co. is amazing! The caramel pecans make it over the top delicious!” — 📷: @exploring_nola ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #neworleansicecream ...

Adulting = eating an entire pint of ice cream for lunch and no one can stop you 🤪

Can you guess what flavor we are eating?! 👀 #neworleansicecream

We are strong believers in having ice cream for breakfast 👀

Our Praline Crunch is a New Orleans favorite, filled with crunchy whole caramel pecans 🤤

Raise your hand if you feel like you could shamelessly eat an entire pint this morning 🙋🏼#neworleansicecream

You’ll never be ~blue~ while eating this ~berry~ delicious ice cream 🤪

This new flavor contains blueberry coulis, swirled through our delicious Farmer’s delicacy Creole Cream Cheese!

Drop a 💙 below if you’ve tried this delectable flavor 🤤 #neworleansicecream

Happy Easter!!

There’s never a limit to how many sweets you can consume in one day, right?! 👀

What flavor did the Easter Bunny leave in your basket this year?! #neworleansicecream


Sink your teeth into the world’s MOST EXPENSIVE ICE CREAM!

A delicious vanilla ice cream, sprinkled with 24k gold nuggets and a 24k gold leaf swirl ✨

Available at neworleansicecream.com for only $4,999.99 #neworleansicecream

This weekend I was intentional about the energy I needed. Between good friends and places, I had to add some @neworleansicecream to the mix.

This is only my second time trying @neworleansicecream and first time trying 5/6 flavors. Bride’s cake kicked off my love for this local brand (fav pint ever), but this haul reinforced why buying local is so important.


Each flavor was so rich and true to the descriptions! I had to add just a little finesse bc it’s well deserved.

Take a moment to read the top of each flavor because I want your mouth to water like mine did 😂🥺🙊

The weather is peeking in Nola so go get your pints friends!!!

Which one is speaking to you?!”
— 📷: @deauxgirl_ #neworleansicecream

“Today we tried the @neworleansicecream Ice Cream Po’boy: Vanilla Bean ice cream between two soft, crunchy chocolate cookies, covered with chocolate. The verdict: yummy, crunchy and creamy!” ✨ — 📷: @nibblenola #neworleansicecream ...

🎶 Just a spoonful of Cookies and Cream helps the medicine go down 🎵

Is that how the song goes?!

This rich, indulgent ice cream with cookie crumbs and pieces is now available at all @rousesmarkets in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, all @central_market stores in Texas, all @winndixie stores in Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia, and many more stores!

You can also grab a pint at @higginshotel ✨ #neworleansicecream

“@neworleansicecream Cafe Au Lait & Beignets:
How do you make coffee and donuts better? Cafe Au Lait & Beignets is how. How do you make Cafe Au Lait & Beignets even better? By consuming ice cream at the same time. Let’s just get really fricking far out and mix this magical trio together into a superfood. @neworleansicecream has done this so I don’t have to. While I was eating this I got so blissed out I literally and figuratively had butterflies flying around and through my head. Even though I live a mere 10 minutes from @cafedumonde in the French Quarter I really appreciate that I was able to enjoy this in the privacy of my back yard. Yeah I’m lazy.
Let’s start with the cold brew coffee, the mild toasty flavor of the scorched milk and the pieces of sweet chewy beignets with powdered sugar somehow swirled in. I have to say this is the best coffee flavored ice cream I’ve ever had. I give this one a whopping 9 out of 10 stars on Eddies ice cream rating scale. “ — 📷: @eddie_reviews #neworleansicecream

Health food may be great for your body, but Cookies and Cream Ice Cream tastes waaaaay better 👀

Delicious and indulgent ice cream sprinkled and shaken with rich cream-filled chocolate cookie pieces and decadent cookie crumbs is the best way to treat yourself this weekend 😋

Available at @dorignacs, @rousesmarkets, @breauxmart, @langensteins, @central_market, and @lakeview_grocery ✨ #neworleansicecream

St.Patrick’s Day is actually a holiday to celebrate how much ice cream humans can consume in one sitting... it’s on the internet now so it must be true 👀

Grab yourself a pint of our Mint Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream from @central_market and celebrate the right way 🤪 #neworleansicecream

“Creole Cream cheese and Blueberries by @neworleansicecream

Remember back when we used to go foraging for blueberries in the woods? Remember when we used to drive down to the farm and churn creole cream cheese and then we would herd livestock and later when the sun was setting we would till the fertile Louisiana soils with hoes?? Well I don’t remember that either so thank you @neworleansicecream for coming up with a flavor so unique it gave me false memories of things that never happened.

Blueberries are a superfood and creole cream cheese is a southern delicacy and I consider ice cream a food group and after eating this whole pint of sweet but tart blueberry-ness and creamy creole cheesy cold sustenance I was in the clouds. Gonna have to give this an 8 out of 10 on the Eddies ice-cream scale.” — 📷: @eddie_reviews #neworleansicecream

Every time we lift our spoonful of Creole Cream Cheese & Blueberry Ice Cream to our mouth, our Fitbit counts it as a step.

In case anyone is wondering, we’ve walked 3 miles today 👀

Get your fix at @breauxmart , @central_market, @dorignacs, @lakeview_grocery and @langensteins 🫐 #neworleansicecream

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