Fresh Baked Chocolate Cookies Stuffed With All Natural Ultra Premium New Orleans Ice Cream, Hand Dipped in Rich, Indulgent Milk Chocolate. Available in Vanilla Bean and Creole Cream Cheese flavors.





The only way to celebrate a @saints victory in our opinion 🥳

Cookies and Cream, German Chocolate Cake, Bride’s Cake - which of our new flavors is your favorite?! — 📷: @jadeelikestoeat #neworleansicecream

Thank you to all of the hardworking men and women who are helping us rebuild our city 💕

Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by Hurricane Ida. We will come back from this stronger than ever before 💪🏻

We are working to get all your favorite flavors back at your favorite groceries as quickly as possible ✨

Onwards and upwards 💜💚💛

Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by Hurricane Ida ✨

@entergy has shared some information on restoration times - we are hoping for the best for everyone ♥️

Thank you to all of the men and women who are helping make this happen for us 😌 #neworleansicecream

Just grabbing the essentials for the weekend 😅

What does your “Hurricane Starter Pack” look like?!

Everyone please stay safe out there, no matter what your plans are 💕 — 📷: @matteimomof5.2 #neworleansicecream

Balance = a New Orleans Ice Cream Po’boy in one hand and a @parkwaypoorboys Po’boy in the other 😋

If you’re looking for lunch and dessert plans, let’s us make a suggestion 😉 #neworleansicecream

Find someone who looks at you the way @eat.with.jacks looks at our Ice Cream Po’Boys 😍

Head over to @parkwaypoorboys for lunch today, and make sure you grab one of these bad boys ✨

Have you tried one yet?? #neworleansicecream

Back to school fashion ✨

Remind your friends of your favorite after-school treat while looking 🔥

Shirts will be available online soon - stay tuned 👀

Who’s excited?! #neworleansicecream

“Just one bite” - said no one, ever 😅

Get into the Fall mood with our indulgent Sweet Potato Pie flavor 🤤

Grab a pint today at your local @winndixie ✨ #neworleansicecream

Did you hear the news?!

Our delicious vanilla ice cream in a chocolate cookie sandwich, hand dipped in milk chocolate (aka our Po’ Boy Ice Cream Sandwich) is back at @parkwaypoorboys 🙌🏻

We know - this is the best news you’ve heard all year 😉 — 📷: @parkwaypoorboys #neworleansicecream

How to make cookies taste better: 1) Add New Orleans Ice Cream to them 😋

Have you tried our cookies and cream flavor yet?!

This delicious flavor is rich and indulgent with cookie crumbs and pieces - grab yourself a pint or two 🤤 #neworleansicecream

It’s National Ice Cream Day 😋

Of course we are celebrating with a the best spread of New Orleans Ice Cream and all the fixings ✨

How are you celebrating?! #neworleansicecream

When you’re in charge of bringing dessert to the picnic… 👀

Raise your hand if you think you can finish a whole pint before it melts in the Summer heat 🙋🏻‍♀️ #neworleansicecream

Coffee in the morning, coffee in the evening - either way, our coffee and chicory ice cream is the best way to cool off AND give you that extra kick of sugar to power through the week 💪🏻

What time of day do you open your first pint?! 👀 #neworleansicecream

Hot girl Summer?! Cool off with your favorite pint 😉

This year, you can do it in style ✨

Our new t-shirts will be available online very soon - who’s excited?! #neworleansicecream

What are your plans today?!

The only logical thing we can think of is eating an entire pint of Ponchatoula Strawberry ice cream 🇺🇸 🤪

Celebrate your freedom by indulging in this smooth and creamy flavor, bursting with the freshest Ponchatoula strawberries 🍓 #neworleansicecream

When it’s 90+ degrees outside, this is what lunch looks like 😅

Who else is already dreaming of Fall weather?!

With our Sweet Potato Pie ice cream, you’ll feel like it’s already time to pull out those sweaters and autumn scented candles 💕

Grab yourself a pint from @rousesmarkets today 😋 #neworleansicecream

It’s all fun and games until you only have one bite left… 👀

Tell us - where are you running to get another pint of our delicious Cookies and Cream ice cream from?! ✨ #neworleansicecream

We have the ability to make ice cream disappear… what’s your superpower?! 🤪

Our Praline Crunch ice cream is filled with crunchy, whole caramel pecans 🤤

Name a better treat than that. We’ll wait✨ #neworleansicecream

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