April 24, 2013/Uncategorized
  • By Daniel McCrory

“He may be an Englishman, but his ice cream is as New Orleans as it gets. Each of Adrian Simpson’s 23 flavors of New Orleans Ice Cream Co. ice cream — which includes Café Au Lait and Beignets, Lemon Doberge Cake and Mississippi Debris — has firm roots in the Big Easy. “The flavors pick themselves in my opinion,” Simpson said. “You can go out and eat in New Orleans and see the dessert menu.”

He started off with six flavors, including Coffee With Chicory, Praline Crunch, Vanilla “because you have to have vanilla,” and Creole Cream Cheese. As the company got rolling, Simpson and crew would hand out samples at stores around New Orleans.

One older lady tried the Creole Cream Cheese, which Simpson worried might not translate well, and started crying. Thinking it was the unique taste, he apologized for upsetting her. He said she told him no, she wasn’t upset, it’s just that the flavor reminded her of being young.” – The Advocate

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